The Wydra Institute of Shipping and Aviation Research

The Israeli Institute of Shipping and Aviation Research was founded in 1969. In October 1987 it was formally incorporated into the University of Haifa and on this occasion renamed to honor the memory of its founder, Dr. H.N.Wydra.
Originally the institute was located along the waterfront of downtown Haifa close to the offices of the shipping companies and agents, in order to enhance the relationship of the industry with the institute. The institute has successfully maintained the functions of a research institute and a prime information center in the area of ports, shipping, aviation and logistics.
From its beginning the Wydra Institute of Shipping and Aviation Research has been deeply involved in policy issues of the shipping industry, as well as practical problems of ports, shipping operators, maritime manpower issues and other relevant topics. The institute continues to serve as a research and information arm of the Ministry of Transport and other government organizations. The institute published over 150 studies, surveys and analyses of relevant transport and trade issues that include a vast contribution in theoretical, methodological and applied areas.
The institute issues two ongoing publications, in order to keep the industry updated. One is an annual report, since 1975, summarizing the developments in the various branches of the Israeli shipping. The second is a monthly bulletin in the area of international shipping that consists of summarized articles published in leading international papers and magazines.
An important branch of the institute is an information center, the core of which is a library that is the largest of its kind in Israel. The library houses almost 5,000 books and over 2,000 researches, 200 journals and catalogs in a variety of subjects. It serves the University students of transportation & shipping as well as the transport and trade community at large.
It has been the Institute’s policy to operate with a relatively small permanent staff, consisting of economists, a librarian and administrative personnel. When needed, the institute calls upon a large pool of scientists and researchers with specific attributes, who are recruited on a project-to-project basis. The same policy is reflected in the composition of the institute’s board of directors that consist of high-ranking representatives of the shipping industry, the Israel Ports and Railways Authority, the Ministry of Transport, and academics.


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